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A Journey

Actress Penelope Cruz and Director Ocean Summer. Lot of magic on the red Carpet.. New new Feature on Wine …is in Pre Prod. Amazing Cast.
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Such an honor to work on "10 more minutes " in boulder,CO. Maria Bello was awesome at the International Film Festival. Great time.
Back too the future, Christopher Lloyd. Ocean Summer at the Santa Fe Film Festival, Ocean composed the Miilagro Award .
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Ocean Summer on TV Food channel, on the air April 2019
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On the set working with the Producer filmmaker, Linda Lyn Carfagno. Her Film portrait 2 Oscar winner the life of her dad in Hollywood, Filmed in many country this movie have many awards on the horizon . I was honored to bring my film crew and directed a special scene with actor Raoul max Trujillo

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Actor Patrick Swayze and Ocean Summer LA Film director singing at the World Peace Concert filmed in Hollywood . We had a blast even if the Paparazzi were after us…:)
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Ocean Summer with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau at the Montreal Film Festival. Ocean was involved and real estate development, finance, city du cinema. He was involved in many film projects. Director producer actor. He was awarding many Award and hundred of thousand dollars in grant for is achievement. Quebec Art fund for best music video, much music / MTV. Yamaha grant for group CASHBA video.