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Drone Filming Soltice Winter David Pearson

First time to direct a film with 2 drones. That was a big learning experience as you couldn't see the footage...Pure trust, especially in this live event, no second take. We film above 1000 feet and couldn't see the drone. But the footage is amazing. Thanks to Leo, Amazing pilot and videographer. My first DP was Brandon. He used his technical skills and vision to bring that movie to another level. The slow motion he created on the fire was spectacular. When the drone was ready to take off...It created sparkles everywhere and we seized the moment to change the direction of the drone. I ask my pilot to go over the fire that was exploding with gas and gunpowder and we jumped literally in the fire. At that point, Brandon was on his new Steadicam and I was on my beloved iPhone x with the new Smove robotic Steadicam. Well, the phone survives the flame and as I run into the fire a surge of adrenaline pushes my creativity. This Solstice event at the famous sculptor David Pearson was phenomenal. Brandon Pinar Camera one, Leo York Drone Pilot, Ocean Summer iPhone 4K, Director and producer. Filmed near Santa Fe, NM.Continue Reading