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Award Filmmaker Ocean Summer brought a new perspective on the movie. Over 22 International Awards. His way of the created film bring captivated audience a sense of awe. The way he directed movie brought him international recognition and 2 Emmy Awards nomination.

ocean, Summer - Founder
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When French-born, Santa Fe based filmmaker Summer Ocean offered to make a documentary on my artist/activist life, the choice was clear and immediate for me, as Ocean is one of those rare human beings who soars, like a bird, yet is grounded in his professional practice. As a visionary multi-disciplinary creator in many artistic realms, Ocean possesses a keen understanding that our world will fare better with an infusion of beauty, and, with masterful sensitivity, he makes beauty and the presence of the vitality of the human spirit core to images, audio, and internal rhythms of the film. Because of his visual and auditory acuity, I can see Ocean Summer rising as a filmmaker with the highest unlimited potential. His abilities combined with his eco/spiritual consciousness are a rare combination indeed today and he has the potential to produce a powerful impact on the world of filmmaking. My particularly interest in working with Ocean Summer resides with his comprehension that the art process follows mobility of thought, as opposed to thought and preconceived notions leading the process; and because Summer embraces life with full recognition of its potential brevity, not ever sitting back, -all his faculties and enormous passion for life are fully engaged and present at all times.
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